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Description and types of mobile racks

Library, museum, archive, office and warehouse racks – VARIA

FOREG 2000 type

The system is designed for large projects and has already proven itself in the largest libraries, archives, museums in Poland and Europe.

FOREG 2000 L type (light)

The mobile racks system has been designed for various types of enterprises, their offices, archives and warehouses as well as institutions with relatively small needs for archiving documentation and data. FOREG 2000 L is also an ideal solution for handy reading rooms and libraries.


FOREG 1000 type

The shelving system was designed primarily for transparent and free access to books and magazines in reading rooms or exhibition areas.

FOREG P type

The system of mobile and static racks works well when storing paintings, sketches and other works of art.

Electric shelves

The system of mobile racks with electric drive is designed for payloads over 5000 kg per one rack.

Additional equipment for the Forster – VARIA mobile racks

The FOREG shelving system offers the following equipment and accessories:

  • separators for books: suspended and free-standing
  • delimiters within the internal system
  • rods for hanging files
  • extendable shelves
  • frames for suspended files
  • sliding frames for filing boxes and standing containers
  • pull-out drawers
  • compartments for drawers adapted to the type of documents
  • clothes hanger rods
  • presentation shelves (5 set angles)
  • folded presentation shelves
  • sealing elements
  • locks and blockades
  • hinged and sliding door with lock
  • vertical divisions on shelves
VARIA regały na teczki zawieszkowe FOREG
VARIA regały przesuwne Forster
VARIA regały jezdne Forster
VARIA regały jezdne FOREG
VARIA regały archiwalne FOREG

Racks for museums, racks for paintings, racks for archives – Forster – VARIA

The free composition of the size and height of racks as well as shelves allows you to store materials of small and large dimensions. Mobile racks can be successfully used in such facilities as:

  • museums – to storage antiques,
  • art galleries –  to storage works of art (eg. paintings),
  • theaters, operas – to storage costumes and stage items,
  • design offices – to storage technical and design documentation,
  • laboratories and scientific workshops – to storage models and teaching aids.

There is a possibility of “painting” the front panels with digital technique. This innovation brings vivid colors and design to a gray office interior. The digital technique allows painting fronts in various designs and even paintings. Both the size and type of printing, as well as the choice of the theme is limited only by our imagination.

It is also possible to arrange the room with a two-level mobile racks with a platform.

VARIA regały przesuwne na obrazy FOREG
VARIA regały przesuwne FOREG, rollregale
VARIA regały jezdne Forster, rollregale
VARIA regały przesuwne FOREG
VARIA regały przesuwne FOREG

Terms of delivery and cooperation:


  • delivery with the installation of the shelving system takes place from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the types of racks,
  • delivery together with the installation of mobile rails itself can take place within 1- 2 weeks,
  • warranty: 3-5 years (in special cases, the warranty period may be extended),
  • once a year, our company conducts a free review of the functioning of the shelving system,
  • fault reaction: 1-2 days,
  • the presented price includes delivery (transport), installation, training in the field of service,
  • project is free even if the concept is changed several times.

Detailed conditions are governed by the agreement between the parties.