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Technical specification of the Forster – VARIA shelving system

  • side walls: frame construction (full profile) made of three posts
  • fixing of shelves: in the shape of a channel section with two parallel fixing tongues
  • shelf profile: bent three times on the long edges at right angles
  • cover shelves (non-usable): they are not a structural element of the rack. When removed they do not affect the strength, stiffness and statics of the rack
  • shelf thickness: 32 mm, shelf adjustment in the rack: every 20 mm without the use of any tools
  • equipment of shelves: descriptive slats per shelf (on request), rear traverses of height 25 mm (on request), suspended or free-standing separators (on request), side stops (on request)
  • shelf strength: from 50 kg to 150 kg
  • base frame (trolley): frame construction made of steel profiles. The guide base has guide wheels, rolling wheels and gears
  • base height: 80 mm (Foreg 2000 L), 150 mm (Foreg 2000)
  • distance between the trolley and ground: 12 mm
  • rail mounting: on an additional floor, in the existing floor by making a zero level or in cut channels
  • uniformity of the shelving system movement: provide chains arranged along the rails
  • rack movement mechanism: a two-stage gearbox with a ratio of 1: 5.2
  • way of moving the shelves: a three-arm crank with ball handles. Crank with a shoulder length of 210 mm placed at a height of 985 mm from the ground level
  • front panels: cassette, made of high-quality steel or perforated (on request)
  • filling of the side walls: open system, laminated or steel plate
  • stiffening of shelving structures: cross-braces or full steel backs
  • rack spacers racks: rubber, length 30 mm and 50 mm
  • securing shelves against tilting: anti-tilt construction elements
  • corrosion protection: all metal elements of the shelving system are hot-dip galvanized in the galvanizing process and painted with powder paint, cured by firing in the oven and abrasion-resistant
  • finishing of shelves: all steel parts without sharp edges
  • description of information about the contents of the rack: the plate is assembled and disassembled without the use of any tools
  • locks: key lock placed below the crank (on request), handle located below the crank, its position (rotation of 90°) from afar shows whether the rack is locked or not (on request)
  • dust protection: seals (on request)
  • color: standard RAL 7035 (gray ash), on request any color from the RAL color palette