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Approvals and certifications for the Forster – VARIA shelving system

FOREG shelves are the only product on the Polish market in this industry, which have full documentation confirming the fulfillment of European standards in the field of: quality, safety and technical research, including stability and durability. Assessments and tests are carried out by independent European institutions that in some cases continuously monitor the manufacturer’s compliance with the necessary requirements. This supervision allows the FORSTER producer to be the undisputed leader in Europe.

Certificates of the FORSTER manufacturer – Austria

  • ISO 9001: 2000 certificate,
  • Austrian Quality Certificate.

Attests, Certificates and documents confirming the performance:

  • Static tests of the racking system,
  • Stability and strength tests,
  • Certificate of testing the quality of VMPA materials,
  • Occupational safety control certificate GS,
  • Hygienic certificate,
  • Fire classification approval,
  • CE certificate for electric racks.


  • Declaration of conformity of shelves with Polish Standards,
  • Declaration of conformity for ÖNORM 8 4904 machines.

Other documents:

  • Reports on the course of the endurance test indicating the possibility of failure-free operation for a period of 120 years of the mobile shelving system,
  • Report of the Association of Paints – International Center of Technology Covering Paints.

All the above-mentioned certificates, attestations and documents issued in foreign languages are translated by a sworn translator into Polish.