Metal mobile and static racking systems to libraries, archives, offices, shops' warehouses, museums. Metal office furniture.


Company VARIA was established in 1993.


We are a polish manufacturer and vendor of metal mobile and static racks (shelving systems), type FLEXIROL and metal office furniture. Sales office is located in Warsaw, but the area of our activities includes Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa. In Poland we have over 4000 installations and hundreds of completed projects abroad.


For many years we have specialized in the export of mobile racks.


We have several installation teams which enable us to realize at the same time a number of projects in Poland and abroad.


We provide free projects and valuation of mobile racks.


Our work includes: project, evaluation, production, transport, installation, training, warranty.


Racks are customized and manufactured to individual customer needs.


Feel free to contact us.

We communicate in English.

Sales Director

Marcin Bogusławski

Varia mobile racks
Varia mobile racks
Varia mobile racks
Varia mobile racks

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